Holiday Gift Guide from Team Troubadour

At Troubadour, we’ve got something for everyone this holiday season. From the professional in your life to the adventure seeker – and everyone in between (including you!).

Here’s what our team recommends.

For the traveller:

The Apex 3.0 Compact Backpack 3.0 and the Rig Case! The comfort and fit of the backpack makes it my natural go-to for exploring while travelling. And when I plan to travel, I always take the Rig Case to stay organised with all my tech accessories that need to be brought along for the trip. Both of these bags are compact, sleek, and keep the essentials organised!

-Natalie, operations manager

For the professional:

I would definitely choose to give the Pioneer Backpack. A great all rounder for a sporty professional, great space for a laptop and accessories with a separate waterproof pocket which is great for gym or swimming gear.

-Barnaby, online operations manager

For the adventurer:

My choice would be the Sling as it's got plenty of room for everything you take on a day out and the pockets make it easy to organise everything. It leaves both your hands free for dealing with phone calls and much-needed cups of tea (simultaneously, if there's an emergency).

-Ed, copywriter

For the women:

The Ki Backpack! For someone who works entirely remote and explores new locations daily for my workspace, it's my go-to bag. It's smart, stylish and contains all the storage I need for my on-the-go office.

-Becky, senior graphic designer