Troubadour Men's Weekend Bag: The Weekender

Troubadour Goods: Our Story

We didn’t know we were starting a business. We just wanted the perfect bag.

We are Samuel and Abel: two colleagues who became friends after bonding over our deep love of endurance sports, clean lines and (some might say) obsessive attention to detail.

For years, we searched for the perfect overnight bag. Something we could take anywhere, from the boardroom to the mountains. Refined enough for business, rugged enough for the great outdoors, and casually smart enough for weekends with friends.

We sought it here. We sought it there. We sought that elusive bag everywhere. Until one day, it dawned on us: it didn't exist.

So we decided to make it.

We set off on an 18-month odyssey around Europe, tracking down the best independent artisans. Leather tanners, fabric weavers, zip makers.

Craftsman in Italy working on Troubadour bags

And together, we created the bag of our dreams.

That should have been that.

Except once our friends saw our bags, they wanted their own. And when their friends saw their bags, they wanted their own.

Before we knew it, we’d started a business. And found our true calling: making bags and accessories that are engineered to perform brilliantly.

Luxe, but not loud. Timeless, but twenty-first century. 

Troubadour Team at the Office

But why Troubadour?

Troubadours were travelling minstrels. Like us, they were always on the move. Wandering from place to place, telling stories through song (they didn’t have Netflix, poor souls).

Our bags tell stories too. The story behind their design. The stories of the people who made them.

And over time, they'll tell your story. Of all the places you'll go, and all the adventures you'll have.

Troubadour Goods Founders Samuel and Abel

Samuel Bail & Abel Samet