Backpack Size Comparison hero image Backpack Size Comparison hero image

Backpack Size Comparison

Capacity 25 l

19" 48cm

Shop Explorer ApexShop Explorer Apex

12.5" 32cm

Shop Explorer Apex

Capacity 16 l

16" 41cm

Shop Explorer Compact ApexShop Explorer Compact Apex

11.5" 29cm

Shop Explorer Compact Apex

Capacity 21 l

18" 46cm

Shop Generation SlipstreamShop Generation Slipstream

12" 30cm

Shop Generation Slipstream

Capacity 21 l

18" 46cm

Shop Adventure SlipstreamShop Adventure Slipstream

12" 30cm

Shop Adventure Slipstream

Capacity 19 l

18.5" 47cm

Shop Explorer Off PisteShop Explorer Off Piste

12" 30cm

Shop Explorer Off Piste

Capacity 25 l

18.5" 47cm

Shop Explorer RidgeShop Explorer Ridge

12" 30cm

Shop Explorer Ridge

Capacity 21-26 l

17-22" 43-56cm

Shop Explorer BasecampShop Explorer Basecamp

12" 30cm

Shop Explorer Basecamp

Capacity 20 l

17" 43cm

Shop Explorer Bivy ToteShop Explorer Bivy Tote

11" 28cm

Shop Explorer Bivy Tote

Capacity 13 l

17" / 44cm

Shop Adventure EmberShop Adventure Ember

11.5" / 29cm

Shop Adventure Ember

Capacity 13 l

17.3" / 44cm

Shop Adventure MomentumShop Adventure Momentum

11.6" / 29.5cm

Shop Adventure Momentum

Capacity 10 l

15.3" / 39cm

Shop Adventure KiShop Adventure Ki

10.5" / 26.8cm

Shop Adventure Ki

Capacity 34 l

20" / 51cm

Shop Explorer AeroShop Explorer Aero

13.4" / 34cm

Shop Explorer Aero

Capacity 25 l

19” / 48cm

Shop Generation ApexShop Generation Apex

12.5” / 32cm

Shop Generation Apex

Capacity 23.5 l

19.3" / 49cm

Shop Explorer PioneerShop Explorer Pioneer

11.8" / 30cm

Shop Explorer Pioneer
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