Crafting the Perfect Travel Bag

We got together with the well-travelled writers and editors at Civilian to create a bag designed to their very precise specifications. The Civilian team produces a different kind of luxury travel magazine. As Civilian puts it, “We don’t believe that gold-plated yachts define luxury… Sometimes luxury is about precious time memorably spent.”

As you can imagine, these discerning and experienced travellers know exactly what they want in a bag. The brief they outlined to our team included a number of features: straps and handles that don’t cut into your hands as the bag is filled and gets heavier; internal pockets placed high enough to provide easy access to documents; a lockable main zip for some of your hairier adventures. They also wanted an internal bag that slips easily out of the main bag for quick access to essential items in-flight or during any commute.

Starting with our Weekender as the base design, we produced three concept pieces to arrive at what Civilian dubbed “The Perfect Bag.” Their team shared travel stories that pertained to bags (think everything from long-lost favourites to dramatic thefts). The stories were displayed alongside the concept bags at our event at Gallery Different in London. Guests got an up-close look and feel of the finished product, as well as a preview of the new additions to our 2014 line.

We invited The Spirits Bureau to create a bespoke cocktail for everyone to enjoy and they rose to the challenge in a big way!. The Spirits Bureau team took the theme to the next level with their Leather Negroni. Cheers!

Read Civilian’s “The Perfect Bag” stories here.

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