Design Influences: Albers and minimalism

Josef Albers

Josef Albers and Minimal Aesthetics

The clean modern lines and minimalist aesthetic of our latest collection take inspiration from the work of Josef Albers, a hugely influential art teacher of the 1920s Bauhaus movement.

LineCollageArchitectonic Harmony

Albers explored the wide variety of effects achieved by changing the spatial relationships of simple geometric forms. These effects inspired the mix of clean straight lines and design details in our most recent collection, which prioritizes performance, comfort and function.


Minimalism is a key focus of our entire collection, and it can be seen clearly in two of our latest Fabric + Leather products, the Slim Briefcase and the Messenger. By using as few cuts as possible to the ultra-lightweight fabric and adding minimal hardware, their clean design contrasts sharply with many other briefcases and messenger bags.