ÖTILLÖ 2014: Recreating The Archipelago of Stockholm (in the middle of London…)

Since my last post, I’ve managed a couple of weekends away to train in the sea, and ocean swimming is (thankfully) a lot less daunting now than it once was.

Though the sea swimming is helpful, I need to find out how to swim and run regularly near our home in central London if I’m to make the most of my training time.

I’m lucky to be based in Victoria, which is within jogging distance of the Serpentine in Hyde Park. Being able to spend time in a lake, in London is a real luxury that I decided to indulge in before work this morning. Donning my wetsuit and running shoes, I jogged over for a swim.

London is a pretty open-minded city, style-wise, and usually anything goes. However super stylish Sloane Square is one of the exceptions. Shockingly the wetsuit and running shoes look has not yet caught on there, so I stuck out like a sore thumb.

I figured that anyone who knew about ÖTILLÖ would know what I was training for, and anyone who didn’t (a.k.a the majority of people) would either think I was strange or a trendsetter, so I decided to embrace my ‘unique’ look and make the most of it!

The amused looks continued once I arrived at the Serpentine and jogged straight past the changing room to jump into the water with my running shoes on, like I’ll have to do during ÖTILLÖ.

I struggled swimming with shoes on. It felt like I had a lead weight attached to me and I was dragging myself through the water to move forward.

Karianne had a much easier time with it than I did. I‘ve convinced mmyself it’s because her shoes must be more buoyant than mine (it’s likely down to technique, but I’m not ready to admit that until I try a few other pairs of shoes!)

My conclusion means that I’m now the proud owner of a colourful new pair of inov 8 shoes that I’m hoping will make all the difference - if they don’t, I’ve got bigger problems…