Troubadour Collections

The chart below shows the differences between our collections. While each collection has its own style, all Troubadour bags share fundamental qualities. Minimal design, so they can be taken anywhere. Extreme comfort, so they’re a pleasure to carry. Waterproof materials, so your gear stays dry. And a five-year guarantee, so your peace of mind is assured.

THE TROUBADOUR COLLECTIONS Generation Adventure Explorer
Vegan Leather
Waterproof Zipper
Polished Brass Zipper
5-year Guarantee
Ergonomic Back Panel
Comfortable Shoulder Straps

1. Generation

For seamless transitions between business and casual. In naturally waterproof vegetable-tanned Italian leather, with coated brass zippers.

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2. Adventure

Made with premium fabrics, trimmed with leather and coated brass zippers. Highly adaptable for work and leisure.

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3. Explorer

Smart,tough and versatile bags in light-weight, waterproof technical fabrics that perform in all conditions.

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