All of our products are individually handcrafted using the finest materials from some of the world’s most talented artisans. Each item is designed with the hope that you’ll enjoy it for decades to come. As the bags are made from natural materials they will take on a warmer feel over time, transforming into pieces that are unique to each owner. While others focus on making products that look nice sitting on store shelves, we aim to create long-lasting pieces that wear beautifully: this starts with our materials.

Closeup of the beautiful Tuscany leather used for our Men's leather products

Vegetable-Tanned Italian Leather

We believe a natural vegetable-tanning process results in the best leather. Troubadour hides are tanned in wooden barrels in the heart of Tuscany. A superior blend of tannins from chestnut, quebracho, mimosa and tara trees are used to create our desired texture.

The hides are individually hung and dried in the warm Italian sun, which results in leather that is soft, smooth and durable. Our rich colour is achieved by immersing each hide in natural dyes that completely penetrate the leather.

While there are many leather tanneries in the world, few exhibit the passion and consistency that we have found with our friends at the La Bretagna and Conceria 800 tanneries. We are proud to work with such fantastic professionals.

High-quality Raccagni metal zippers on our men's leather day bag

Raccagni Zippers

For our zippers we enlisted the innovation and expertise of the Raccagni Group, one of the world’s leading zipper-manufacturers, based just outside Bergamo in northern Italy. The smooth movement of our zip-fasteners is the result of more than 30 years of research and innovation at Raccagni.

This is the rare company that not only makes great products but also the machines that create them. Rest assured, the well-polished teeth of each zipper fit together perfectly thanks to the precision of Raccagni’s process.

High-Tenacity Thread, Amman Group

Sturdy, High-Tenacity Thread

Troubadour pieces are stitched together with a tough and durable thread, Gutermann Mara 30, from Germany. True to Gutermann’s 150-year heritage of innovation, this thread ensures excellent strength and wear-resistance, as well as consistently beautiful seams.

Water-Resistant Lining, Troubadour

Water-Resistant Lining

Each Troubadour bag is lined with a very hardwearing, water-resistant cotton canvas. We took great care to select a tough-yet-lightweight internal lining to protect the contents of your bag.