Introducing the launch of a new luxury leather goods collection from British men’s accessories brand, Troubadour, and expert British tailor, Thom Sweeney. Our collective goal was a pair of beautiful, stylish and practical products for the travelling professional: the Suit Carrier and the Day Bag. The collection is available exclusively at Thom Sweeney’s retail outposts.

The Suit Carrier

A clever leather fixture below the handles of the bag allows hangers to be situated in a way that hides them from plain sight until it’s time to hang, when they peak through a discreet top slit.

Shirts can be hung alongside suits, or folded and placed into dedicated pockets. The Carrier is designed to hold one or two suits, and two to four dress shirts.

A folded external pocket (home to plane tickets, notebooks and travel documents) and a hidden zippered passport pocket (accessible even when the Carrier is closed) ensures a hands-free travel experience. Rounding out the design is a detachable shoulder strap and rivet-reinforced handles of stitched leather for ultimate durability.

The body is made from 100% natural vegetable-tanned Italian leather, and the inside lining is grey stain-proof suede, selected for its intrinsic ability to protect the contents.

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The Day Bag

The ideal travel companion to the Suit Carrier, this piece takes a modern, minimalist approach to Troubadour’s signature Day Bag (folded external pockets, reinforced straps and internal pockets for tablets, pens and valuables). A combination of 100% natural vegetable-tanned Italian leather with grey waterproof suede, the Day Bag is designed to complement the Suit Carrier, for items such as shoes, gym clothing, and toiletries.

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“The best collaborations are founded on mutual respect and admiration. Thom Sweeney suits have long held a special place in my closet, which makes this partnership particularly special. Thom Sweeney shares our vision for functional, understated craftsmanship and pieces that are built to last. Together, we’re proud to bring travellers two seriously sharp staples for overnight business trips and weekend getaways.”
Samuel Bail, Troubadour co-founder.
“We have a longstanding relationship with Troubadour and it has been great to work together on this leather goods collection. We wanted to create something that is both stylish and practical for travelling and appeal to our clients who appreciate quality and timeless design.”
  - Luke Sweeney and Thom Whiddet, Thom Sweeney co-founders.