Introducing Troubadour DryFibre: The World’s First Naturally Waterproof Leather

When leather was first used for bags thousands of years ago, it was cutting-edge. Nothing was stronger, or more durable. Leather wore well and lasted for years.

Today, quality leather still ticks those boxes. But since then, other materials have surpassed what most leathers can offer. Many modern fabrics are lighter, tougher – and above all, waterproof. So is there still a place for natural leather in today’s world?

We think so.

A row of tanning drums at La Bretagna
The room where it happens. The barrels used in our vegetable-tanning process.

Here at Troubadour, we love nothing more than giving traditional materials and techniques a twenty-first century twist. We believe leather can, and should, be a cutting-edge material again.

Ever since we first started Troubadour, we’ve dreamed of developing a new generation of leather that’s not only lightweight and waterproof – but also 100% natural. To make that dream a reality, we’ve been working hand-in-hand with several key partners, who between them have developed some of the most innovative processes in the world. And now, at long last, we’re finally ready to unveil what we believe to be the future of leather: Troubadour DryFibre leather.

DryFibre waterproof leather
DryFibre Leather in action on our DryLine Leather Rucksack.

So what’s the secret?

It’s all in the tanning. We add a special wax to our tanning solution of water and vegetable extracts. The wax attaches to the leather fibres throughout the whole hide, creating highly durable waterproof layers, and giving the leather a rounded, subtle and beautifully soft feel.

Pile of raw leather in the tanning process
Sneak peek inside one of the barrels amidst the tanning process.

This breakthrough means DryFibre leather will stay waterproof over the years, unlike many other leathers which only have a temporary waterproof coating applied to the surface.

The result is a vegetable-tanned leather that performs like a waterproof fabric. Handmade into bags and accessories, this new leather will keep your gear dry, whatever the weather, for many years to come.

Ta da!


Dryfibre rucksack, waterproof
Waterproof Leather Ziptop Rucksack uses our DryFibre Leather to keep contents dry.