Comfort is King: Rucksacks that are Lightweight and Weatherproof


Lightweight. Comfortable. Weatherproof.
Both new Troubadour rucksack designs feature a unique combination of s-shaped memory foam straps and a waterproof, breathable, electro-moulded back panel. This results in bags that are lightweight and comfortable, while resting securely on your shoulders.Electro-moulded Back PanelElectro-moulded Back Panel
Seam-free, our breathable electro-moulded back panel sits comfortably on the back. Its waterproof properties keep the contents of the bag dry even if the wearer is cycling the Tour de France.

Electro-moulded Back Panel

Curved Memory Foam Shoulder Straps
Specially shaped to fit the body, support the back and stabilize the bag. These s-shaped straps are specifically designed to fit comfortably on everyone from an Olympic weightlifter to a marathon runner.

Ziptop Rucksack

Ziptop Rucksack


Rolltop Rucksack


By Your Side, For Life

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