Bags Your Shoulders Will Love

If you’ve ever suffered from the aches and pains of a bag digging into your shoulder or back while you juggle your phone, coffee and passport, you’ll know all about the importance of comfortable hands-free bag carrying.

That’s why we design our bags to sit perfectly on your shoulders, whether you’re carrying a rucksack, overnight bag or briefcase.

Rucksack shoulder straps and leather handle

The padded straps on our Slipstream and Basecamp rucksacks are specially engineered in memory foam to eliminate pressure points, as well as being shaped to fit the curves of your back. Combined with the rucksack’s breathable, seam-free back panel, this makes the bag very comfortable to wear.

Enhance Your Comfort Zone

As cyclists, we wanted the straps on our rucksacks to provide more than just comfort. We wanted them to enhance stability when we zip around corners on our bikes. So we spent a lot of time making sure the rucksack sits securely on your back when you’re riding, keeping everything beautifully balanced when you make a turn.

Cyclist wearing black rolltop rucksack

When it comes to overnight bags, if you’d rather carry your bag on your shoulder than by the handles, our CarryLight shoulder strap is for you. It comes as standard with our overnight bags and briefcases, and is specially designed to lighten the load.

The CarryLight strap has a shoulder pad made of high-density neoprene, which can stretch in every direction to prevent pressure points. This means however much you’ve packed, the weight is spread evenly, making your bag feel significantly lighter and more comfy than a regular strap would.

Troubadour bag strap

We believe a truly great bag should be super-comfortable as well as brilliantly practical. The straps on our rucksacks, overnight bags and briefcases provide you with the winning combination.

Luxury light duffle bag in black