Troubadour Generation Leather Backpack Review: Luxe Travel Bag

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The Troubadour Generation Leather Backpack nails perfection for the trendy and eco-conscious traveler, in my opinion. See my thoughts on the top-notch features of this bag.

Now that I’ve been through trying and testing seven Troubadour products for travel, I’m proud to be an owner of the Generation Leather Backpack from the Generation Leather Collection.

This luxe-level travel bag falls at the $750+ price point, and in this review, I’ll go through the signature Troubadour features that I’ve come to know and appreciate. I’ll ultimately let you know if this genuine leather backpack is worth the investment.

If you’d like to see what I like and dislike, peruse my review and take close note of my photos during my product testing.

Quick takeaways from this review

  • The Generation Leather Backpack is a luxury-level travel backpack and I think it combines the best of travel features and tech-savvy features.
  • It’s made from leather, with eco-conscious technologies in line with Troubadour’s B-Corp practices.
  • My favorite aspects are the high-quality zippers, plethora of pockets, ergonomic straps and back panel. I think there’s room for improvement with the sternum strap, trolley sleeve and water bottle access.
  • See where to buy this backpack and my general conclusions.

What I like (my favorite highlights)

In being totally transparent, I am about to gush about the best aspects of this backpack, so hold onto your seat.

The zippers

Yes, I’m talking about Troubadour’s zippers again!

While zippers seem boring, I am a backpack nerd who appreciates good ones. The zippers on this backpack go down to the base of the backpack, so that you can reach all the way in. They are also extra smooth for a great glide.

The zippers on all Troubadour bags are exceptional. You’ll find that I talk about this in all my Troubadour reviews like for the Ki Backpack.

Travel-savvy features

Of course, first there is the trolley sleeve that goes over a suitcase.

For travel, I’m always looking for padded straps. Troubadour often pulls through with these features, in excellence. The back panel of this backpack has a breathable build that allows airflow for hot days, and my favorite item in particular is the sternum strap, or “chest strap.”

Not only is the chest strap movable (it can be slid into a lower position and an upper position, for targeting where I want to help with weight management), but it clasps with a slide.

Last is the top grab handle. Troubadour’s signature grab handle is always thick and sturdy, and it’s the same on the Momentum Backpack I own. It’s the perfect handle for grabbing this backpack after having it in a tray during airport security. With a bag this pristine, I wouldn’t want myself or anyone else grabbing it elsewhere and nicking it.

Tech-savvy and business-savvy features

For protecting my tech, there’s the sturdy laptop sleeve (for laptops up to 16”) that keeps my MacBook Air safe and protected. Layered on top of that pocket is a slim second sleeve for a tablet like my iPad Mini.

Much like other Troubadour bags, the Generation Leather Backpack is not short on helpful pockets. There are mesh zippered pockets on the inner flap that work great for cables and headphones or ear buds.

And the organizer panels on the laptop sleeve/back panel, as well as inside the exterior pocket on the front, are ideal for keeping randoms, like business cards, pens and more.

Looks good on narrow frames

I’m a petite woman. I talk about this a ton at my list of the best travel backpacks for women, because I’m particular about how a backpack looks and feels on my 5’2” figure and my narrow shoulders.

At 18L and even with its unisex fit, I’m happy with the size and shape of the Generation Leather Backpack.

Should you get it? (Is it worth it?)

Conclusion: This backpack is pristine, and I mean that. If you’ve seen my other Troubadour product reviews at our Travel Gear reviews, you know that Troubadour is one of my top favorite brands for trustworthy (and brag-worthy) travel products. Troubadour comes to mind first when I think of quality luggage, bags, totes and bags for protecting my valuables.

The Generation Leather Backpack comes at a price point that reflects a few things, as I see it:

  • Premium European calfskin leather that has been tanned with energy-saving technology
  • Environmentally-friendly practices that earned Troubadour their B-Corp status
  • Fantastic ergonomic design and gorgeous aesthetics (my opinion, of course)
  • Overwhelmingly positive reviews and feedback that I’ve seen online so far.

Given all this, I know this is a backpack in the upper echelons of backpack pricing. After all, it is a genuine leather backpack, backed by Troubadour’s warranty. If owning a bag of this luxury tier is for you, I have very few reasons not to own this backpack. It can come with you on all your adventures, business meetings, trips and journeys.

Unboxing experience / packaging

Before I wrap up, if you’re interested to see what this backpack looks like right out of the box, I collected some photos here. Other Troubadour products I’ve gotten have come with dustbags, and the Generation Leather backpack comes with its own custom-fit tote bag. This is nice for storing it in my closet and being able to tug it out.

Where to buy it

I personally recommend getting your Generation Leather Backpack at Troubadour’s website. If that’s not for you, you can try any of the retailers around the world that sell Troubadour products.

Getting any of Troubadour’s backpacks on the company website get you fast express shipping as well as the 5-year warranty, that I have already used and seen in action when I had a manufacturing error on my Bivy Tote Backpack. It was fixed and sent back to me as a new one.

Info on Troubadour’s eco-conscious practices (leather tanning)

I thought it would be worth mentioning that Troubadour uses “vegetable-tanning” for the products in the Generation Leather collection of travel bags. Through their DriTan technology, what they are doing to tan the leather is more eco-friendly than traditional practices, through the use of less water and fewer chemicals.

Troubadour has an entire page of the company website devoted to environmental impact, which sets this brand apart from others. Through the vegetable tanning process described, Troubadour creates leathers that last longer than traditionally “chrome-tanned” leathers. By avoiding chrome tanning, Troubadour avoids chromium, which is a toxic chemical.


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