AJ's Essentials: Technical Garments

I’m brand loyal by nature; 90% of my closet is composed of five labels. That said, recently I started curiously exploring products that offer added practicality to daily wear. Functionality is one of the few factors that can sway my preferences and encourage me to incorporate new brands. Here are some of my current favourite items that merge performance with a refined aesthetic.

Nike | NikeLab ACG Pocket T-Shirt

Nike continues to increase their presence at the intersection of function and fashion. The recently revived ACG line creates clothes suited for survival in a pre- or post-apocalyptic New York. Under the direction of Errolson Hugh (the founder of Acronym), ACG delivers a stylish wardrobe geared toward moving, sweating, and socializing, which includes ample pocket storage.

My piece of choice is the ACG Pocket T-shirt. The merino wool blend is a natural performance fabric; merino's core wicking properties help to cool in periods of heat, and insulate in moments of cool. A thoughtful fit includes a distinct taped seem detailing running over the garment.

Outlier | Slim Fit Dungarees

Black jeans are arguably the single most important garment that I own. Easy and versatile, I put them on in the morning and never think twice, whether going to work, dining out, roaming around the city or jumping on a flight.

Outlier has offered a welcome upgrade to traditional jeans. Inspired by todays functional needs, Outlier replaces denim with Workcloth Doubleweave Canvas. This translates to an experience that is comfortable, breathable, spill resistant, quick drying and environmentally friendly. The jeans are slim fit without the low-rise that is now ubiquitous in men’s fashion. These days, I find it increasingly difficult to want to alternate pants in my weekly rotation.

I highly recommend checking out the co-founders Ted Talk if you’re interested in learning more about the label.

Arc’teryx Veilance | Nomin Pack

Biking across the Williamsburg Bridge for work every day, I have specific requirements for a rucksack. In need of a comfortable, lightweight, sweat- and rain-resistant option that doesn’t make me look like a high-school student.

Arcteryx Veilances Nomin Pack is the best option I’ve found. It keeps my MacBook and daily belongings safe through muggy summer days and unexpected showers. The black, streamlined design is presentable without evoking memories of your studying and hiking days.

Ministry of Supply | Socks

Ministry of Supply is what happens when an MIT education, NASA inspiration and scientific research converge with clothing design. The Boston-based brand combines material created by NASA with intensive research to ensure office attire unlike any other.

One item that illustrates the level of attention at the heart of all Ministry of Supply products is their Atlas Dress Sock. Coffee-infused fibres absorb odour, strategic ventilation allows feet to breathe and the fabric wicks moisture. My personal highlight is the pressure-mapped cushioning pads along the soles. Adopt these socks, and all your shoes will feel noticeably more comfortable.