Troubadour Goods

100% Natural, Vegetable-Tanned Italian Leather

Over time, this piece will develop a unique character and patina as the oils in the leather rise to the surface, reflecting a lifetime of travel and adventure.

Modern Design

Our design is driven by a deep respect for architecture, craftsmanship, function, and simplicity.

Natural Vegetable-Tanned Italian Leather

Well-Polished Zippers

Each zipper tooth is cut from brass, polished to a high shine and coated in a protective matte finish. The result is a zipper that wears exceptionally well.

Well-made zippers

Padded Laptop Pockets

Separate padded pocket for secure access to laptop (up to 15-inch) .

Inspired Hardware

Custom hardware inspired by the design and function of a WW1 sniper-rifle strap.

Internal Pockets

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